The Best Food In Malaysia Is At B.G.T. Lakeview

Fusion restaurants have become popular and they are currently a huge fad, and there are many restaurants in Petaling Jaya that have become interested in the concept of fusion. This is why they offer various dishes with fusion in mind. With that said, one of the best restaurants you should eat at is B.G.T Lakeview Restaurant & Bar, which can be found in Petaling Jaya.

The restaurant offers a fusion of Asian cuisine and Italian cuisine, which makes it a unique place that customers love. They use cooking methods that are traditional to prepare their dishes, but they incorporate numerous ideas when they make their food. This adds to the dining experience.

There are many dishes to choose from at B.G.T Lakeview Restaurant & Bar, and this includes unlimited pasta dishes at lunchtime. There are many types of pasta dishes for guests to choose from. It’s recommended to try as many pasta dishes as possible because it tastes delicious.

Pasta Dishes

The Spaghetti Aglio Olio is one of the best dishes on the pasta menu and it is the restaurant’s most popular pasta dish. Furthermore, this dish has been the most ordered item for the last seven years. In other words, no other dish that the restaurant serves even comes close.

If you enjoy seafood, then you can order various types of seafood that sits right on top of pasta, and this includes favorites such as prawns, mussels, squid and so forth. You can enjoy flavoring on your pasta, and these flavors include chili and garlic, which complement any pasta dish. Unlike other restaurants, B.G.T Lakeview makes sure that the chili and garlic doesn’t overpower the seafood’s flavoring. If this sounds good to you, then you’ll definitely want to pay this restaurant a visit.

Pizza Dishes

Italian restaurants must have an extensive pizza menu, and B.G.T has a great pizza menu that is impressive. It’s worth pointing out that the restaurant uses a wood fire oven and not a traditional mechanical oven, which makes it unique. If you have never had pizza cooked this way, then you[‘re missing out because this method infuses the pizza with a smoky wood essence. You will love how the pizza tastes and how it smells.

In short, you’ll love the pizza the restaurant serves. In fact, you probably won’t find a place that serves pizza that tastes this good, at least not anywhere else in Petaling Jaya. It’s safe to say that the pizza served here is simply the best.

Let’s not forget to mention that not only is the food amazing at the restaurant, but you’ll be treated to a gorgeous view. This is because the restaurant is right next to one of the most beautiful lakes in the area. This means you can dine and enjoy one of the most amazing views you have ever been treated to.

If you enjoy excellent food and good views, and you have an event you would like to host, then B.G.T Lakeview is where you want to go. It has a function room that is large and it is big enough to host all types of large events, including birthday parties and weddings. You can even host your event somewhere else, but you can still enjoy the restaurant’s food because they offer catering, so contact them if you want to learn more about their catering services.

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